04. Which foods are natural and ethical?

Welcome back – lovely to see you here again. As you might remember, we now have a definition for natural and ethical food, and I am going to continue our investigation by checking out various foods to see if we should be eating them. By we, I mean, we wild human primates who are living in nature with no man-made tools or weapons. Read my earlier posts to see how and why we are on this journey.

Natural and ethical food investigation

We will do this in two sections:

  • Food sourced from animals
  • Food sourced from plants

And, with each food, I will ask two questions:

1. Is it natural? This means:
which foods can we (human primates, equipped only with our bodies and natural articles such as rocks, sticks, soil, fire, etc) gather, catch or find, prepare and eat?

2. Is it ethical? This means:
a) in the above process, has the source of food suffered the least harm possible?
b) has it had the best life possible?
c) is this food good for us?

The real cost of food

This will be an interesting exercise, and should make us a lot more aware of the real cost of food, as well as how important it is to choose food as close to nature as possible.

The Earth is in terrible trouble as we rape her to provide profit for people we don’t even know.

And we, as humans, are in trouble as we sicken and live in illness, dying of premature disease. Apparently one in four Americans die of cancer. This is not natural.

And animals, birds, fish, insects and plants are in trouble as they are either exterminated in favour of our foods of choice, or the foods we choose to raise, suffer and die without even a blessing.

Have you ever wondered how many animals are killed so that humans can satisfy their desire for meat? The figure runs at over 52 billion animals.(2003 figures) This does not include the billions of marine animals, nor animals that are hunted for sport, or tortured in laboratories or who suffer in fur farms, marine parks, zoos or circuses. Nor does this include the number of animals that die horribly from neglect or abuse.

Have a look at this animal death counter to see how many animals are killed from the time you click on the page. It’s alarming.


You can see in this video how the meat many of us eat is processed:

Nature is not trying to kill us

We are doing this to ourselves.

And this is how:

It’s time to get ourselves back to the garden – thanks, Joni 🙂


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